Talk That Talk – April 3rd – Justin Ricard

The Beginning



Today we will be talking with Justin Ricard, CEO of Proficiyo Clothing Co.™. It was founded in the spring of 2011. The whole idea behind starting a clothing line was to create a style and energy that wasn’t being produced in fashion. The term “Proficiyo” means to Make Strides in Latin. This is key, because in everything you do in life, you should make an effort to be the absolute best. The Proyos are a team of highly sophisticated individuals ready to escape the margins of the endangered species page and land in your favorite boutique and closet. Feel free to join the bandwagon and become a “PROYO” and you too will know the Ancient Art of WIGG. 


Proficiyo Clothing Co.™ workshop
Atlanta, Ga


@proyoclothing (Twitter)
proficiyo (Instagram)
Attached are some examples of what his clothes look like.

Talk That Talk – March 6th – Nineteen

Wednesday March 6th 2013, we will be having local artist “Nineteen” here on “Talk That Talk”. Coming from a small town in Charlton County and moved to Atlanta at the age 19 to pursue his music career. His name comes his varsity football number “19”.  He is inspired by the struggles, and passion for music. Believing that this is the way for him to make change, not only in his life, but the people that surrond him. With weight on his shoulders, he continues to push forward everyday in order to complete his dream. TUNE IN TO HEAR MORE AT 6PM ON The Wolf Internet Radio.

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Today music’s playlist:

Phillips Phillips – Home

Maroon 5 – One More Night

Lil Wayne featuring Future and Drake – Love Me

Bruno Mars – Gorilla

Nineteen – Blue Light

Nineteen – You and Me

Talk That Talk – February 27th – Aye.Are

On Wednesday February 27th we will be having Aye.Are. An upcoming artist from East Point, GA who is inspired to make music based off his struggles, to prove self-independence, and also to provide for his family. He said he wants to be in a position to help others. Being only 21yrs old his goal is to use music as an outlet, in order to venture into other venues such as acting, creating charities, to manufacture clothing, and other opportunities. Song being played on Wednesday February 27th are Colombiana & LIME-A-RITA, these are songs from his currently released mix tape “SELFxPLANATORY”.

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Music for the show:

Drake – Started from the bottom

Rihanna – Pour Up

The Weeknd – The Morning

Wale featuring Tiara Thomas – Bad

Aye.Are – Lime-A-Rita

Aye.Are – Columbiana

Twitter: ARmusiconline

Instagram: nonfiction_i_am


Talk That Talk – February 20th – The Hangover

On February 20th 2013, we had the special guests by the name of “the hangover”. A young music group from Atlanta, Georgia.  We spoke about their history together, the reason for them to enter the music industry, and as well as what artist/groups inspired them to try music. This was a entertainment show based off the music choice and as well as the topics we touched during the entertainment segment.  Word on the street was informational as always because we learned about up and coming events around campus.

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Songs played were:

Justin Timberlake featuring JayZ – Tie and Suit

J. Cole featuring Miguel – Power Trip

Bruno Mars – Locked outta Heaven

Swedish House Mafia – Don’t you worried child

The Hangover – Cool Off

The Hangover featuring XIX – Alright

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